A False Sense of History

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The Long Black Wig Project: A False Sense of History is an installation that has larger than life size and diminutive prints of characters that are suspended within linear space. With videos on their surface, projecting false histories onto people and objects. Their faces are culled from on-line. Their clothing is of post-modernistic false historic costume and is worn in performance for video. As well, the viewer begins to project false historical narratives and their relation to the people, the objects, their relation to history and the artist. The 20 foot wig is both conduit and fiber, that connects the ages of prehistory, the Rococo, the Victorian, the 60’s and up to the bewitched present.
The video effects are a staccato of warped time. Miss Sara Tonin’s Fancy and My Fair Roxy Tocin, combined with Calculation Swipe, documents the comings and goings, the desire to acquire as a release of feel-good hormones. A quote from the movie The Jerk is spoken by an owl who proclaims, with a nod to art, “I don’t need anything except THIS”, meaning the role of art as a non-commodity and ritualistic exorcism, a recurrent theme in the artist’s 25 year career. The video A False Sense of History Indeed is set in a perpetual green screen, including the artist herself, allowing the art objects and persona to exist within any time and place; past, present or future, freeing them from history. With the objects as a conduit, there is an intention to recover, retain and project fake and real memory. In a world of discarded objects, the artist examines the objects she has kept through all the years and all the moves. Some had a long history before she acquired them, some, her babies clothing. Now assigned to the denizens of the art world, they reach exponential potential with no one set truth, save for the concept.

Fort Worth Community Art Center Solo Exhibition

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The Amity Exhibit