You’d Think It Were Sunny Series 2018

Her paintings are a residual effect of creativity and a choice of how to use time. They explore common themes of science and the personal and also address formal visual elements of color, organic structure and a combination of observation and imagination.

After Phillips’ relocation to the Oregon Coast, a most beautiful place indeed, she paid close attention to her physiologic response to a new environment and how it would effect her imagery. You’d Think It Were Sunny Series began in the season of record high rainfall with long heavy grey days. Flickering through the dense grey fog, are the neon lights of the city. Happiness from the playful paintings is the desired effect.

This Way, Cometh (a move to the PNW)

octopus land-of-lavender-and-blueberry land-of-lavender-and-cranberry

The Higgs Boson Collection

Not far in concept, her paintings often explore science themes, as in the Higgs Boson body of work. This series has platforms to speak of science through art and art through science. However, one walks away from such heady topic with the acknowledgment that the series would not exist had the the domestic realm of mothering not been the instigator for such scientific investigations. As with these works, her paintings are fundamental acts of creativity and exploration and an attempt to satiate the craving of color and form.

IMGP1731Higgs Boson4IMGP1695IMGP1683IMGP1725IMGP1729IMGP1728IMGP1724IMGP1726

The Give Aways: Small Paintings (about one year)

vintage sentiment

I got this one


my aunt got this one


my best friend got this one

my sister got this one

my in laws got this one for their 50th

my mom got this, they all got watches in 1959

my mom got this one too

Gold Give Away

a wedding gift

Pink Evolution

UnearthedThe Ballad of the Hip Death GoddessWatchedAggression in Pink1Do what you LoveSlide1Phillips,Gold,Oil,30x48,,2011 Gold 1

Earth Neuron

IMG_3324 IMG_3322 IMG_3326

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